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An outstanding dictionary

A concise dictionary
I have a disease. Every time that I travel somewhere I take a book from home to read on the road. This is not the disease! It is that every time I also feel an urge to buy at least one other book in the airport. Sometime this brings me in touch with books that otherwise I would not read. I guess this disease comes from my habit back in Romania when I was picking up rather random books from a bookstore or library.
On Friday my eyes felt on the cover above. I do not know if it was about the red color, or about having the female body, or about being a dictionary. It was love at first line reading. I immediately went and bought it and it did not leave my hands till I got in Chicago. A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers is about one year spend in London and Europe by a Chinese girl in order to learn English. The book is written as a diary and a dictionary in broken English, an English that is improving as you go on reading.
It is a journey of meeting the West through the eyes of a village Chinese 23 years old girl. Meeting the "filthy water" , the baked beans that look like having been chewed by someone and then spitted back on the plate. A girl that leaves China to find the London fog, but finds love and discovers a totally new world, a world in which she was used to be part of a family back home and now she learns that the western way is to be alone. Overall is a book about meeting different cultures, trying to learn new languages things that people not living abroad for a long time will never know. Probably this was the reason why this book touched me so much.

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