Sinterklaas --- part II

Lucian Sinterklaas

Asa cum am promis poza si poezia:

Dear Lucian,

After three years of eluding me
This year we will finally see
Whether Lucian is a good boy or makes a mess
And if the inburgeringscursus was a success.
So here are three tests for you,
Let's see how you get through.

    Test 1: biking

Sint has heard from bikespotting Piet
That Lucian's biking is really neat!
Too lazy to get off his bike at a traffic light
And biking through the snow at night
No need to investigate the rest
Since you clearly pass this test.

    Test 2: language

Lucian en de Nederlands taal
Is een echt haat-liefde verhaal
Hij kan alles goes verstaan,
Maar hoe zou spreken hem vergaan?
Of je hiervoor slaagt, is niet aan de Sint
Vraag maar wat het publiek ervan vindt.

    Test 3: complaining

There is nothing the Dutch like better
Than complaining about the weather.
In this area in particular you did grow
Since this year you are wining about rain and snow!
And the bathroom, let's not get started on that
No more space for books next to the toilet!!!
This is one problem however that Sint can solve,
You just have to put it on the wall.

Clearly you passed Sints inburgeringstest
Unfortunately you cannot rest.
When Sint comes to Nijmegen next year,
He is not going to find you here.
Whatever the future might bring,
Let's hope it goes as well as your inburgering!


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